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Welcome to Tiziri Surf Maroc!

Allow yourself some rest from day-to-day worries, and let yourself enjoy Morocco’s enticing beauty. Share one of the best experiences of your life with people from all around the world by surfing in Morocco.
By visiting us here at Tiziri Surf Maroc, you become more than just a valued guest; you become part of a unique, borderless family of people, bound only by a common passion for surfing.

Are you ready for a new experience?

Our proven learn-to-surf method is a systematic approach to teaching people the proper mechanics of surfing. Our lessons incorporate a land portion, where you learn about waves and test your balance, and a water portion, where you put your skills to the test with our instructors.

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Have you already reserved accommodations elsewhere, but still want to learn how to surf without the stress of having to buy a package that includes accommodations? No problem! Tiziri Surf Maroc offers daily surf lesson packages, tailored to your needs and wishes.

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Are you looking for the perfect adventure holiday by trying out surfing in Morocco? Then we have amazing packages with accommodations just for you. All Inclusive, Surf & Breakfast, Surf & Yoga and Group Offer packages. In our packages you will also find our awesome surf school.

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Besides surfing in Morocco, we have a few recommendations for what to do during days, when you would rather take a break from the ocean, but would still like to make the most out of your time here.

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Tiziri Surf Maroc surf house in Morocco Tamraght Taghazout Bay


Our surf house is a ten-minute walk from the beach, in Tamraght, just 14 kilometers from Agadir. A house has rooftop terraces with sunbeds and great views of the sea.

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Something About Us

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Surf Camp Location

Our surf camp is located in the small Berber fishing village of Tamraght, just 14 kilometers north from Agadir, Morocco. The gorgeous Moroccan coastline, with its renowned surf spots, is just a short distance away.
Morocco is the world’s leading surfing destination, suited for surfers of all ranks: from total beginners to experts.

Highly customizable

We can arrange for the accommodations, or you can simply join us for surf lessons with some of our highly experienced instructors. Surfing in Morocco is easy with us, as we will take care of everything, so that you can spend the maxiumum amount time in the water surfing in Morocco’s world famous, as well as some less known surf spots.

Great learning experience

In the evenings, after dinner, we review and discuss your daily progress. By going over the pictures taken during class, and examining them, we hope to maximize the impact of the lessons, and provide you with the best service possible. By visiting Tiziri Surf Maroc, you will learn how to surf in a safe and unique Moroccan environment, with an excellent team, which will be available to you 24 hours a day.

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All skill levels accepted

Whether you are 4 years old, or 99 years old, whether you are simply curious about surfing, or are coming back to it, there is a course and an experience for you here at Tiziri Surf Maroc. For beginner and intermediate surfers, our surf school offers personalized surf lessons, suited for accommodating your current skill level. For advanced surfers, our surf guide will take you to the best surf spots around, and help you with positioning and wave selection. With our highly experienced instructor, we are specialized in beginner surf lessons and also offer you private surf lessons for all levels from total beginner to advanced surfers who want to improve their technique.

What We Offer for You

Ever since founding Tiziri Surf Maroc, we have been focused on developing a range of services, designed for all types of surfers: high levels and beginners, women, children, tourists, parents or just beach lovers in general. We provide the best surf school and instructions in the world!

All Inclusive package
Tiziri Surf Maroc, surf camp, best selling package includes everything you need in your surf holidays. The package is suitable for all surf levels.
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Surf and Breakfast
Would you like to have your dinner at a restaurant? Our Surf and Breakfast package does not include a dinner, and will be the right choice for you. The package is suitable for all surf levels.
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Group Offer
Come surf with 3 friends or more (minimum 4 people together) and pay less. The package is suitable for all surf levels.
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Accommodation Only
Are you an advanced or an intermediate surfer and you don’t want to take lessons or join our groups? Tiziri Surf Maroc offers accommodation only booking as well.
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Surf and Yoga
Here at Tiziri Surf Maroc, we offer a selection of surfing courses, as well as yoga sessions, perfect for recovering after a hard day of training.
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Larger groups
Are you a group of more than 10 people? We would be happy to welcome you to our surf camp. Please contact us via email for more information.
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