A Day with Tiziri Surf Maroc

Day at Tiziri Surf Maroc
At Tiziri Surf Maroc we offer a full day of activities to keep you busy. In the morning we have a delicious Moroccan breakfast at the wonderful Riad to give you the energy for the day.
Day at Tiziri Surf Maroc
Day at Tiziri Surf Maroc
Next we will bring you (and the provided surf equipment) to the nearest beach, or wherever has the best surf conditions that day. Once there we will put on our suncream, wetsuits and start to warm up; with dancing (Yassine’s favourite) or coffee (Sara’s favourite).
Then into the water for the surf lesson. For any ability, any age, Yassine can help improve surfing skills with their years of expertise in instruction.
After 3 hours of good wave catching we have a delicious healthy beach lunch provided for you, such as salads with fresh juice and fruit (we offer any dietary options).
Post-meal we begin to stretch and warm up for another round of waves. Sara will be on the beach to get excellent pictures and videos of you and friends in action. They are still able to help you surf, but some in the group will start to catch some waves without any help.
For those who may be tired of the surfing, we can offer camel or horse rides along the beach (for extra).
Day at Tiziri Surf Maroc
Day at Tiziri Surf Maroc
After surfing we can drop guests off at the Riad, or: head to the Hammam for a relaxing scrub and massage for to relieve tension in the body from surfing.
We can also offer a restorative yoga class to help the body wind down and relax the mind after a busy day, and prepare it for the next.
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