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The activities that we offer range from surf lessons, sight seeing, yoga sessions, and much more. Here’s a peak at what you can expect from staying with us.

Paradise Valley

Paradise valley is a section of the Tamraght River valley in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains. The valley is famous for its natural beauty with an abundance of wildlife, palm trees, rivers, natural water pools and water slides. After a short hike down into the valley you will have free time to explore the surroundings, go for a swim or jump from the rocks into the water below. Visiting the pool side cafes nearby, you will have the chance to experience traditional tajine cuisine.
A day trip to Paradise Valley can be arranged as a substitute for of a day of surfing.


Agadir Souk

This is the largest market in the region, consisting of about 6000 small shops. It is divided into several different sectors: furniture, crafts, clothing, vegetables, meat, spices etc. This is the perfect place to search for all kinds of handicrafts and traditional decorations, which make for perfect holiday gifts to bring back to your family and friends.


Massage and Hammam

Do you need to relax after a great surf session? Then Massage & hammam is the best option for you. Hammam is a traditional cleansing and beauty ritual, which includes a deeply cleansing full body scrub, using a traditional black soap scrub, resulting in refreshed, revitalized and silky skin. Perfect for bringing your mind and body into a harmonious balance. We recommend that after hammam, you proceed with an hour long massage, which is sure to make you more than ready for the next day’s surf session.


Sand Boarding

Are surf conditions less than ideal? No worries, because no more than an hour’s drive from us, you can find a small desert where dunes meet the ocean. You can experience surfing on sand walls and enjoy it every bit as much as you would the ocean. Even in perfect surf conditions, sand surfing is is an experience we whole heartedly recommend.



Imsouane is home to the longest right hand wave in Africa. It is located between Essaouira and Taghazout, and can be accessed with a mere 90 minute drive from us. This is a smooth longboard wave that rarely gets messy or big. You can ride it for up to 600 meters. With an easy paddle out, this wave is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.



Take a full day excursion and explore the beautifully relaxed seaside town of Essaouira, known for its art scene, laid back bohemian vibe, and delicious fresh fish. Take a walk around the medina and explore the ancient sea front ramparts and old brass cannons, lining the old protective walls. In the medina, you can find many galleries, shops, and cafes in the traditional Maroccan style.


Legzira (Sidi Ifni)

Discover one of North Africa’s most beautiful beaches on this day trip to Legzira. It is located approximately 150 kilometers south of Agadir. Sidi Ifni is a gorgeous beach with a wonderful landscapes, whose waves are admired by both passers by and surfers alike. Its impressive rock arches and sea carved red earth is a must see for any admirer of nature.


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