An Unforgettable Surf Trip To Imsouane

Surf Trip to Imsouane

We start the day as usual. At 8.30 with a buffet breakfast in our accommodation, after breakfast we prepare the things we need for a full day surf trip and at about 10.00 we set off on our way.

The trail takes us along the oceanside road almost all the way to Imsouane. We drive past beautiful sandy beaches, hidden corners (known only to locals), and small authentic villages not yet touched by tourism.

Because we are so fascinated by the surrounding countryside, we don’t even have much time to talk.

If we are lucky, we can see shepherds along the way with their goats climbing on an argan tree and eating argan seeds. We definitely stop to take a picture or two.


After a good hour, the road from the main road to Essaouira leads to the left towards Imsouane. For a short while, we stop on the top at the viewing point where we admire Imsouane Bay, watch the waves and definitely take some group photo.

Trip to Imsouane

We are all looking forward to jumping into the ocean and surfing in this beautiful bay with the longest waves in Morocco.

We arrive diligently at our destination. At the big lighthouse and the pier, we park our car, jump to the toilet quickly and put on wetsuit as quickly as possible. After a brief warm-up, we all enthusiastically jump into the ocean to catch this longest wave.

All in all, we enjoy surfing, as always. Our surf instructors help us catch the waves and also pedal if we accidentally run out of power.

After a good 2-3 hours of surfing, depending on our energy and strength, we are all really hungry so it’s time for lunch. Yassine heads to the fish market and buys fresh fish that the fishermen have just brought with their blue boats. As we change from wet wetsuits, Yassine buys the fish and takes them to a nearby tavern, where they grill them and prepare a table for us.

Lunch is divine. We sit by the ocean, eat fresh grilled fish and Moroccan salad. Perfect.
Let a picture say over a thousand words:

Trip to Imsouane (2)

After finishing our lunch and having afternoon coffee or tea, we slowly make our way back to Tamraght.

Since our day consisted of only one surfing session, we stop on the sand dunes along the way where we try sand surfing. When we bare feet beat some dunes, we are on the right sand dune for sand surfing. It’s just fun! Sand surfing is very similar to surfing in the ocean. The body position should be the same, so it is also a good exercise for surfing in the ocean. Well here comes the hard part, walking to the top of the dunes. Just as demanding as pedaling.

Well, not to be outdone, let’s just watch the video:

So, after sand surfing, we continue our journey towards Tamraght. If the waves are favorable, we stop at some spot where we look at the advanced surfers and admire how they can do it.

After all the short stops, we finally arrive back in Tamraght. We are all tired and dirty of the sand, dreaming of a shower. After arriving at the accommodation, we have about 1 hour before dinner.

What follows is our great home-cooked dinner and an analysis of the perfect and unforgettable day. Even though we are tired, we enjoy watching the photos and remembering all the adventures that have occurred to us during the day.

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