Beaches in Agadir are open!

Agadir beaches open again

As you probably already know, the beach closure measure, Agadir beach area, was taken in December. Since then, this measure has been extended every 14 days for the next 14 days. Until now! Yesterday we finally receive information for the reopening of Agadir beaches!

MONDAY, 29.3.2021!

tamraght taghazout bay agadir beach open
Why are we so excited about it? 
It is true that we are allowed to surf in Morocco, Agadir area.
But isn’t it better if you have more options to choose where you want to surf? Isn’t it better if you can walk from the surf house (approximately 10min) and jump into the ocean for swimming and then relax on the beach? 
Of course, it is better. That’s why we can’t wait for Monday! 

We are so excited to be surfing our favorite surf spots again. We really missed the nearest local spot, Devil’s Rock and Crocro!
Who would have thought that we look forward to Monday so eagerly?
But all Mondays just aren’t that bad!

Now is the right opportunity for you too to pack your things and take a week off!
There are quite a few countries on Morocco’s list of banned countries, but currently this ban is valid until April 10.
(For more information about these countries, you can contact us via social media or email.)

Anyway, we are here for you!
We are at your disposal for any holiday information with us. 
You can contact us by email, by phone, or on social media!
Tiziri Surf Morocco is open and accepts reservations!
To delight you with our new booking condition! To confirm the reservation, you only need to pay the minimum amount, which is €50.00 (regardless of the total amount). So, if you are afraid that you will lose too much money due to holiday reservations that you will not be able to attend, this fear is unnecessary. However, the deposit is non-refundable. But it is valid for the next holiday with us! Change of date is free of charge! 
Now hurry up and start planning your next vacation with us!
Tamraght taghazout beach open

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We are looking forward to meeting you!
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