Borders are opening!

Have you heard of the latest information on the opening of the Moroccan borders?

Yes, we confirm it too! If you have a reservation for a hotel (also for reservation in our surf camp) in Morocco, you can now travel here!

But be careful! Read what it takes to travel to Morocco, what the protocols are and who can enter the country.

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11. November:
Following the decision of the Moroccan authorities, passengers travelling to Morocco must present a negative PCR test with a validity of less than 72 hours. The reference date taken into consideration for the verification of the PCR test is the date of collection of the sample, and not the date the results were obtained.

Allowed Airlines:
* Royal Air Maroc
* Air Arabia
* Air France
* Transavia
* Ryanair
* Tunisair
* Egyptair
* Turkish Airlines
* Pegasus Airlines
* TAP Air Portugal
* Emirates Airlines
* Etihad Airways
* Qatar Airways

Please note: Airlines do not offer yet all scheduled routes, as before the pandemic. Be careful when booking your flight, book only existing flights (check with each company which flights it operates) so that you will not be disappointed if your flight is canceled. We strongly recommend booking with a free of charge change of dates, in case of inability to travel.

Passengers travelling from Europe to Morocco must carry negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate valid not more than 72 hours from their flight departure. The serological test is not mandatory anymore.


1. Who can enter Morocco?

Foreign nationals of visa-free countries who have a confirmed hotel reservation with a company based in Morocco.

2. Hotel reservation

When booking our surf camp, we will issue you a booking confirmation, which you show to the airline and the police control at the airport. The reservation must include overnight stays and not just surf lessons!

3. Negative PCR test for COVID-19 and serologic test

To arrive in Morocco, a NEGATIVE COVID-19  test, which must not be older than 48 hours, is URGENTLY required. (a result date should be of less than 48h from the arrival time). You will need as well a serologic test at the time of check-in. 

NOTE: Please double check all requirements, for COVID-19 test, at least 1 week before your flight, because information may change since writing this post. We will try to follow all updates, but please check for yourself too! 

4. Airlines

The airlines with which you can book a flight are only and exclusively Royal Air Morocco, Air Arabia, Air France.
These are so-called special flights, be careful to book a flight that falls into this category. Even if a scheduled flight is available, book a flight from the list instead, as it can be canceled otherwise (valid for trips approx. 1 month in advance).
The state of emergency is extended until October 10th, so after this date, all airlines are selling all regular flights too. Be aware, if the state of emergency will be extended again also all regular flights may be canceled. 
List of special flights:

Royal Air Maroc:
Air Arabia:
Air France: please check alone if there is a flight to Morocco from your chosen airport, as they don’t provide a list of current flights to Morocco. 

5. Mandatory wearing of masks

Wearing masks is mandatory throughout the trip. At the airport and on the plane, as well as on the way from the airport to our accommodation.

6. Check the requirements for returning to the home country

Please check the conditions for returning to your home country before setting off! Check the conditions of your country if you are returning from a third world country, Morocco. Check carefully to see if a negative test is also required to return home. Check if you have a 14-day quarantine on your return. Before going on a trip, be aware of the conditions of return so that there will be no unnecessary inconvenience!

These are the conditions that apply from September 10th until further notice. Please be aware that conditions change “daily”. Double-check before you go on a trip! We will also monitor the conditions and notify you of any changes immediately!
It is definitely not the easiest and cheapest route to Morocco and it is definitely not the route we knew 6 months ago. And yet we believe that many of you are eager to come to Morocco as soon as possible and relax with good company and surfing Moroccan waves.
In any case, this is also a very important step forward towards the full opening of borders and travel as we knew it before COVID-19.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see each other as soon as possible!

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