Let´s chase some waves!


About those waves

Morocco is one of the best surf destinations year-round, with waves that challenge surfers from all levels. The weather is stunning all year round, perfect for relaxing on the idyllic beaches in between surf sessions. 

The coastline offers a variety of firing point breaks, sheltered beach breaks, and reefs. Almost all the waves in Tamraght are accessible for beginners too.



From north to south, let’s take a look at the surf spots in Tamraght:

  • K17 – K17 is a point beach break with a sandy bottom and a few rocks, and is great for beginners.
  • Cro Cro – Crocodiles is one of the most consistent waves in the area. This beach break is a great place to learn to surf.
  • Devil’s Rock (Teufels Felsen) – another point breaking over a sandy bottom, this wave offers a variety of sections and conditions for all levels of surfers and can be tackled by beginners too.
  • Spiders – this fast and hollow point reef break produces a ripping and shredding A-frame barrel for advanced surfers only.
  • Banana Point – yet another quality right-hand point break, but much more forgiving than the points further north. Therefore, it’s ideal for intermediate surfers and for those wishing to surf a point break for the first time. With a big swell, it can offer challenging sections for advanced surfers too.
  • Banana Beach – south of Banana Point, close to Aourir, this is a great surf spot for beginners. It offers some long rides, which is why it’s also popular among longboarders.

So in the morning, we leave the hostel and go check out the conditions on various beaches. 

So whether you are beginner, intermediate of advanced, our experienced instructors will find, together with you, the best spots and conditions so you can train and improve your surfing skills.

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