How did it all start- the history of Tiziri

one of the first logos we had for our surf- camp

a picture that captures one of the first meetings of the two

Let’s delve into the story of how Tiziri came to be – a tale of a small idea, surfing, and love evolving into a cherished home for many.

The narrative unfolds in 2017 when Sara, coming from Slovenia, embarked on a surf trip to Morocco. It was there that she crossed paths with Yassine, who worked as a surf instructor at the hostel where Sara stayed. This encounter marked the beginning of a profound connection. Sara fondly recalls her time in Morocco as the best week ever, as she fell in love with the place, the surf, and everything in between. As their friendship blossomed, so did their love.

Sara returned for another surf holiday three months later, deepening her fascination with Morocco and her bond with Yassine. The two saw each other again and again. When she was in Morocco, Yassin was working as a surf- instructor and she felt a bit bored, also wanted to do something. Yassin always had the dream of an own surf-camp. Sensing a shared dream, they decided to venture into the world of surf camps together. Thus, the seeds of ‘Tiziri’ were sown in 2018.

Despite limited resources, Sara and Yassine poured their hearts into the project, handling everything from designing the logo to creating the website. Starting with a few boards and accommodation arrangements at a local riad, Tiziri gradually attracted more guests, inching closer to their dream.

The name ‘Tiziri,’ derived from the Berber language, translates to ‘Moonlight,’ evoking a sense of serenity and beauty. With time, Tiziri expanded its offerings to include home-cooked meals by Yassine’s sisters, cherished by guests for their warmth and authenticity.

Just as Tiziri gained momentum, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, posing new challenges for the fledgling business. Despite the hardships, Sara and Yassine persevered, supporting each other through uncertainty.

As the years passed, Tiziri evolved, transitioning from hosting the guests in a near by riad to a family-owned space. In the beginning, only Yassine worked in the camp as an instructor and Sara was taking pictures. With the birth of their first child, Sara split her time between Slovenia and Morocco, while the Tiziri team continued to grow. They started to officially employe Yassines sister to cook and clean and to hire more surf- instructors. Even when Sara is in Slowenia, she is working (behind the scene), answering emails and management while Yassine is coordinating things in Morocco such as surf instructos, cleaning, kitchen and arrivals.

Today, Tiziri stands as a place of hospitality, welcoming guests from around the world to experience the joys of surfing, forging friendships, and creating lasting memories in Morocco. The team remains dedicated to enhancing the guest experience, fueled by the positive feedback and recommendations from their ever-expanding community.

At Tiziri, the ultimate goal is to ensure guests have a memorable and enriching experience, filled with surfing, camaraderie, yoga, and more, making every visit to Morocco truly unforgettable.”

one of the first surf- lessons in Tiziri

we had to take our car from Slowenia and bring it to Morocco:)

sharing the passion for surfing