What is Solo Female Travel like in Tamraght?

Traveling solo, especially as a female can be scary. There are so many solo traveler horror stories of belongings getting stolen, being scammed, and getting lost. This is why Morocco was such an intimidating destination for me but as I spend more time here in Tamraght there is nowhere in which I’ve felt more comfortable and safe. 

All the tips I would give to a solo female traveler going to Morocco are the same as the ones I’d give to someone traveling anywhere alone: Use common sense/ trust your gut, get a local SIM card (10 gigs is only 50 dirham) as you land in the airport, get some locale currency and, stay somewhere with good reviews and locale guides. 

My experience in Tamraght has been nothing but pleasurable and as soon as I landed in Agadir I felt well taken care of and safe as a girl on my own. My surf camp (Tiziri Suf Marco) had a taxi waiting for me right away, making travel to and from Agadir less intimidating. In the camp, we get breakfast, lunch, and dinner made for us by the incredible chef. I feel like I’m eating authentic food with a traditional Moroccan family. These meals make it easier to just relax and enjoy my time instead of stressing about where to eat and how to get around. Opting out of the dinners or lunches for a night or two is also fun and easy, as the restaurants nearby have delicious food and the menus are in English or French. The surf camp makes sure that all your belongings on the beach are safe. This isn’t all that important though because the locals and other travelers on the beach are nothing but friendly, kind, and caring. At Tiziri you can ask to go to the Agadir market, Tagazoot, paradise valley, the skate park, sand boarding and more and because you are with a local you feel as though you are getting the most authentic experience possible while also feeling safe as you do them. Stepping away from the familiarity of the beach can be scary but it seems as though our guides at the camp know everyone and everything in Tamraght so as you explore the village people are always open and friendly to you, waving or saying hello.

Coming to Morocco was scary because of the misconceptions about safety and respect for women. In my time here I never once felt in danger, especially with the help of the guides at the surf camp. The locals of Tamraght are extremely used to travelers and treat them accordingly; no scamming or disrespect. The level of precaution I take here is the same as I would anywhere else, because of this I think Tamraght and Taghazout are great places to start your Moroccan adventure. They are great spots to dip your toes into Moroccan culture before heading to the more hectic cities like Marrakech or Fez. The beautiful beaches are host to many international travels and so the locals have adapted accordingly. A concern I heard from many people before coming is the level of modesty (i.e. covering your hair and conservative dress) needed to feel safe in Morocco but in Tamraght and Taghazout, walking around in a bikini is a daily occurrence, no one bats an eye. This makes it much easier to combat the heat and feel at home. The locals are all very relaxed and kind about all that sort of stuff. 

Going solo is also made easier because there are lots of other travelers here who you will meet on the beach or in your camp. For these reasons I highly recommend Tamraght as a pit stop in your Moroccan journey or for your next solo getaway. The place is perfect for Gals who are adventurous go-getters or laid-back relaxers.