Get Up and Surf Before Breakfast

Sunrise surf in Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc

How to start the day the best you can? Get up and surf before breakfast. We’ve been doing this for the last couple of days and you know what, we feel GREAT!

No, we didn’t get up at 5am to be on the beach at half past 6am. In our country, the sunrise is only around 8 o’clock in the morning.

How did our day look like? So at 7.45, we left our surf house, at eight o’clock we were already dressed in wetsuits and doing the morning warm-up. How very uncomfortable it is to wear a wet wetsuit so early, as it is quite cold outside (for us cold means around 17°C). When you step towards the ocean, of course, the sand is also very cold. But then, when you enter an ocean that is surprisingly pleasantly warm, you forget about the “cold” that is outside.

The ocean is empty, and here and there, there is another surfer who wants to surf in the morning. The line up is empty, so we can take advantage of just about any wave we want to catch. We don’t need to look around and watch out for other surfers in the water. It’s calm. But when we turn towards the coast, we see the beautiful sun waking up from behind a nearby hill.
So calm and relaxing.

Sunrise surf in Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc

And what is the best thing about all this? At 11 o’clock we were back in the surf house, our first surfing session was done. We can now afford a hearty breakfast and we still have a whole afternoon left for other activities. Of course also for the second surfing session.

Sunrise surf in Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc

We really like it! What do you think? Do you want to try it too?

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