Is Tiziri Surf Maroc the Right Stay for You?

Tiziri Surf Marco is a unique and action-packed accommodation. This post is a list of things that come with a stay at Tiziri, if you feel like the answer to all these questions is yes, then a stay here is right for you. 

  1. Can you Swim?

Surfing isn’t just about standing on the board. It’s also about being able to paddle out into the waves and recovering from inevitable falls. You definitely don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer by any means but a basic baseline proficiency is needed. The beaches that beginners are taken to are also quite shallow so it’s possible to stand up at any time but the ocean is powerful and you never know when a wave will knock you off your feet. 

  1. Do you like adventure or action?

No matter what package you choose at Tiziri, there’s something active to do every day, whether this is surfing, yoga, or an excursion. This makes Tiziri the perfect place for the adventurous and active types. Of course, there’s lots of time to relax and recover from long days making it a good balance but I would not recommend Tiziri for those of you who enjoy all-inclusive resort vacations.

  1. Do you like the Heat?

In the winter months, the weather can be quite bearable and I would even recommend bringing a sweater or two, even a jacket but in the summer, late spring, and early fall it can get extremely hot. The hot desert-type sun is blistering and thankfully you’re by the water for some reprieve, Tiziri always brings umbrellas to the beach but if you’re someone who is very sensitive to hot temperatures Morocco in the summer may not be right for you. 

  1. Are you fit(ish)?

I have seen all sorts of people doing surf lessons; young, old, men and women, and while I think everyone can give it a try especially here at Tiziri because the instructors can cater to any ability, I do think to get your money’s worth of a whole week of surfing coming with just a little bit of strength or endurance is helpful. Pushing up on the board, balancing in the water, and paddling through the waves is hard work and if you want to keep up with it for your week here being prepared for that is a good idea. I don’t want those testaments to scare you though, I am a very weak person, especially in my arms and my stamina is nothing to boast about and I still really enjoyed surfing but I do recommend if you have any injuries or anything to take it easy. 

  1. Picky eater?

The cook at Tiziri makes the most incredible food and I highly recommend that you look at our blog post about our dinners. The breakfast as well has a range of options. If however, you are someone who is extremely picky about your food I would suggest opting for the option where dinner is up to you and you can find restaurants in town or cook your own food. 

6. Large group or family?

We can accommodate a wide range of travelers including those going solo but Tiziri is perfect for those larger groups who find it difficult to agree on a place to stay. There is a wide range of rooms; queen beds with on suites, bunk rooms, and single beds. This makes it great for corporate getaways, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and especially families looking for budget friendly and convenient adventures.