In surfing there are a lot of expressions, that are only used for surfing. It is nice and often very important to know some of these words with their meaning. For your for a better communication and easier understanding we put some common (slang)- expressions in a following list. Jave fun diving deeper into the surfing- world????

A-frame- a wave peak breaking left and right with perfect shape

Barrel- the tube, the curl of the wave

Closeout- when a wave breaks all at once, with no shape or shoulder

Dawn patrol- early morning surf session

Epoxy- a type of plastic resin used to produce surfboards

Floater- a surfing maneuver where the rider goes over the top of a crumbling section and ends up in the flats

Grommet- a young surfer

Hang Ten- to surf a wave with all ten toes on the nose of the surfboard

Impact zone- the area where waves break

Kick out- a surfing maneuver performed at the end of a wave ride to exit

Line-up- the spot in the ocean where surfers line up to catch waves, just behind the breaking zone

Mushburger- a slow and fat wave

Neoprene- an ultra stretchy rubber made from melted- down petroleum chips used to make wetsuits

Offshore-wind- wind blowing from the shore out to the ocean, holding the curl line and smoothing the wave face

Onshore wind- wind blowing from the ocean toward shore, destroying the quality of waves

Party-wave- a wave that is shared and enjoyed by several surfers at the same time

Quiver- the number/ collection of surfboards owned by a surfer

Reef break- a wave that breaks over rock or coral

Shaka- a Hawaiian Hand- gesture used to say “hello”, “great”,”cool” and “alright”

Take off- the start of a wave ride

Wax- a paraffin- based product that is applied to the surfboard deck to increase traction and reduce slippery