Packing list for your first (next) surf trip to a surf house!

Packing list for surf trip to Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc

Some of you are wondering what to take on your first (or even not entirely first) surf vacation in Morocco. Some of you will find this rather silly and irrelevant, as you probably know yourself and you know what to take and pack for the holidays. But many of you may forget something and the list of things will come in handy.

We have prepared for you a list of things you should not forget for your vacation:

* PASSPORT – A passport is required to enter Morocco! You don’t want to get stuck at the airport and return home with your head bowed because you forgot your ID!
* MEDICINES – Do you have regularly prescribed medicines? You only take a certain type of medicine for headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea… don’t forget to bring them with you! But of course, all non-prescribed medicines can also be bought here!

Packing list for surf trip to Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc
Packing list for surf trip to Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc

* SWIMSUIT – For surfing you will need only swimsuit. Don’t worry about wetsuit, because you will get it in our surf house!
* SUNSCREEN – African sun is quite strong, so make sure you protect yourself from the sunburn
* SUNGLASSES – Make sure to protect your eyes from the sun!
* BEACH TOWEL – Don’t forget to take a beach towel, as you will spend most of your time on the beach. However, if you still happen to forget it, don’t worry, there are some towels available in our surf house, which you can use for free!

* HOODIE, PANTS – Even though you come to Morocco, where the climate is much warmer than in Europe (especially in winter), don’t forget to pack at least one hoodie and long pants. Mornings and evenings are pretty chilly here!
* FLIP FLOPS OR SUMMER SHOES – Don’t you want to walk on a sandy beach in sneakers? Then definitely don’t forget to pack summer shoes!
Packing list for surf trip to Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc
Packing list for surf trip to Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc
* PHONE / CAMERA – To preserve unforgettable memories. We will take care of your photos while surfing!
* CHARGER – Don’t forget the charger for all the electronics devices you will take with you!

* INSURANCE – Because you are going on a sports holiday, we strongly recommend health insurance for abroad in case of any accident!
* Of course, with all the excitement of the upcoming holidays, do not forget your personal belongings (clothes, cosmetics, book, hat, music player, etc…)

Have we forgotten anything else? Write in a comment what YOU should not forget to pack for your surf trip!

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