Most frequently asked questions and answers

Tiziri Surf Maroc is located in the Agadir region of southern Morocco. Tamraght is a small fishing village in the Taghazout bay in Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Conveniently located 45 min from Agadir international airport it’s a short hop ( 2-4 hrs) from most central European cities. It’s the closest place for any European surfer to get year round warm water, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience.

Morocco is served by direct flights from major European airports, with flight times to Agadir between 2-4 hours. Guests travelling from the US can connect either in Casablanca or at a European airport as there are no direct flights to Agadir. From Agadir airport, it’s a 45-minute drive south-east along the coast road. Road transfers from Marrakech can be easily arranged and cost approx. 100€ for 4 people. Tiziri Surf Maroc can provide these transfers.

We recommend the Skyscanner website for flight search.

No visa required for stay up to three months for EU passport holders, for tourist purposes. Your passport must be valid for six months following date of entry. If you hold a passport from outside the European Union we strongly recommend that you check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy.

You can arrive at any time. It is not always possible to have your room ready before 2 pm. If you do want to arrive early and your room isn’t immediately available, start enjoying yourself anyway – we’ll take care of your bags and get you started on whatever service you have chosen. Check out is around 12 pm, but if you would like a later checkout, let us know and we’ll do our best. Please be aware that if you supply the wrong arrival or departure details and we send a transfer, this will count as your transfer.

Please note that free transfers are only available from Agadir area. If you would like to be collected from a different location, please make sure you inform us when booking.

Yes! We provide free transfer from Agadir airport and Agadir bus station as well as any other places in Agadir area.

Please note that free transfers are only available from Agadir area. If you would like to be collected from a different location, please make sure you inform us when booking.

The Moroccan currency is the Moroccan Dirham. You can check exchange rate here. Moroccan dirhams can only be obtained within Morocco. There are exchange facilities and ATMs in the airport. You can also find plenty of ATMs in Agadir. In Tamraght you wont find ATMs, but there is exchange office. The nearest ATM is in Aourir, a 3-minute drive from Tamraght.

Morocco is a liberal Muslim country, and men and women are welcome to wear shorts and T-shirts. Swimming costumes and bikinis are normal on the beach but it is advisable to cover up your arms and legs a bit when walking around town. Trousers and jumpers are sometimes needed particularly in mid-winter when the evenings and nights can be chilly, so warm clothes are a good idea during that period.

Of course, all age groups and both genders are welcome to stay with us as well as solo travelers, couples and families.

We get a lot of people who visit Tiziri Surf Maroc on their own and have a brilliant time – bookings for solo travelers and groups is roughly a 50-50 split.

Morocco is on 220 volts with two-pin round plugs.

There is free Wi-Fi available in our accommodation. There are also many cafes and restaurants around the village with free Wi-Fi.

Morocco is an all year round destination for great surf and great weather. Tiziri Surf Maroc is open all year round.

The summer months (April – October) see small to medium swells with surf mostly on the beaches and reefs on the more exposed north-west coast. This is a great time for anyone looking for fun, uncrowded warm water surf. There are some bigger days during this time for those looking for something more challenging.

During the winter months the waves, that have made Morocco famous, come to life. There is a huge variety of surf in this area of Morocco. There are not many places like it in the world. The region has something for everyone, from ideal beginner waves to challenging reef ledges. Intermediates and those new to the sport should not be put off or worried. Due to the nature of the coastline, there is almost always somewhere sheltered and manageable, and those looking for something challenging won’t be disappointed.

Morocco is blessed with well over 300 days of sunshine a year. Between the months November to February, there is a small chance of rain, although statistically, it is unlikely.

Yes, of course, you can bring your own board that suits you the most.

You can also rent equipment from us, we have a fully kitted out surf school with every shape and size of boards to get you standing up and surfing.

If you choose one of our surf package surf equipment is included in price.

Please note: All guests are responsible for their own surf equipment. We require that the customer must return the equipment in their initial state, in the case of damage, the customer must pay the cost of repair or the cost of damaged equipment.

We supply bath towels but not beach towels. Please bring your own beach towels.

We recommend you do not drink tap water at all in Morocco, even in hotels, as it contains much higher levels of minerals than the water in Europe. For local people, this is not a problem as their bodies are used to this and can cope, but for travelers from places such as Europe, drinking the tap water will usually result in illness.

Our food is delicious! The food served is amazing. Our chefs will prepare a mixture of Moroccan and international dishes each day. Breakfast is included in every service option.

Please check our packages for what is included in each service option.

We understand that some people have special requirements. Let us know in advance, and we’ll do our best to make sure we have exactly what you need.

Alcoholic drinks can be legally served and sold throughout the country. Morocco even produces its own range of wines and beers. You can’t buy alcohol in our village but you can buy it in Agadir.

In Tamraght u will found some restaurants and cafes, plenty of grocery shops selling fruit, vegetable and other essentials, as well as well-stocked pharmacy and surf shops.

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If you haven’t pre-booked one of our surf packages, and you want to have your accommodation somewhere else, but you’d like to go surfing please let us know the day before and we will arrange you surf lesson as well as transportation from your accommodation.

Absolutely! We are opened all year round. Spending Christmas or New Year on the beach in the sun and surf some great waves, sounds like a great idea how to spend your holiday.

No vaccinations are required for visitors to Morocco and anti-malarial precautions are not necessary. We have first aid equipment along with staff trained in administering first aid. In the case of an emergency, there are hospitals and clinics in Agadir. Medical charges will apply according to the treatment received so make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive. There is a well-stocked pharmacy in Tamraght which is open every day.
In our experience, Morocco is a developing country which offers different foods, water, bacteria and climate that you may not be used to. By taking some sensible precautions, you can help reduce the risk of getting an upset stomach which often occurs when traveling to any new country. Some guests have found that taking probiotics before traveling has helped to prevent gastro related illnesses. However, please do not start taking any new supplements before seeking medical advice.

If you are pregnant, have any conditions or illness, or generally concerned, we recommend you get in touch with your GP for advice before you travel.
Please note our advice is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and does not constitute medical or other professional advice.