What you need to know about Morocco before your trip

Morocco travel surf camp in Tamraght

The last two blogs have guided you through the village of Tamraght. This blog introduce you the activities you can do in Tamraght, Morocco.
Here’s a guide to the cafes and restaurants in the village of Tamraght.

Today’s blog is about useful information about Morocco for you, that will help you before coming to Morocco. In this article you can find everything about the documents you need to enter Morocco, about money, the language spoken in Morocco, etc.
If you are planning to visit Morocco you will find this information useful!
Note: This is not travel restrictions information for traveling in corona time! If you need this information contact us in email!


Check that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Morocco. Most of the countries do not need a visa for Morocco. Contact your embassy or contact us if you are unsure whether you need a visa or not.
Citizens who do not need a visa can stay in Morocco for 90 days with a valid passport.

Packing list for surf trip to Morocco with Tiziri Surf Maroc
Morocco travel surf camp in Tamraght


The most common languages spoken in Morocco are Arabic and French. Speaking one of this language you will not have any trouble! You will have an easy job communicating in markets, small/local shops, etc.

Those who don’t speak any of the languages above, you don’t have to worry. Most of the people you will communicate with, know at least some English too!


Money used in Morocco is Moroccan dirhams.The exchange currency is, of course, different on a daily basis.

There is no ATM in Tamraght, but don’t worry, there is an ATM in the neighboring village of Aourir or as called Banana Village where you can safely withdraw the desired amount. But there is an exchange office in the village.


Approximate prices you will encounter:
Coffee: 10 MAD
Water in a bottle (1.5l): 7 MAD
Bus from Marrakech to Agadir: 120 MAD
Alcohol: European prices

Morocco travel surf and yoga camp in Tamraght


In the main season, the temperature during the day is around 23-27°C, of course, it gets around 30°C in the summer.

The temperature in the winter drop to 7-11°C at night. Summer nights are warmer.

Even if the temperatures are quite high during the day, we suggest you pack also:
* cap to protect you from wind and sun
* long pants and some sweater
* of course, don’t forget to bring a swimsuit, beach towel, and Sunscreen
* Bed linen and shower towels are available in our surf house
* USB stick, for all the pictures that will be taken during your vacation


Closest airport to our surf house is Agadir Al Massira airport. When booking with us at least 7 days package the transportation from the airport is included in the price.

For those coming on their own, the taxi from the airport to our surf house in Tamraght is about 300 MAD.

If you are flying to Marrakech, you can take the bus from Marrakech to Agadir. Like before, if you book with us at least 7 days package the transportation from the bus station in Agadir is included in the price. The taxi is approximately 200MAD.

From Marrakech, you can take the CTM bus or Supratours. Here are the links for both companies where you can check their timetable:


Make sure you get insurance for abroad. In the event of an accident, unfortunately, we cannot cover your costs, so it is better to pay the insurance in your own country and enjoy it here without any worries.

Health Insurance

These are all the basic things you need to know before coming to Morocco.

For any more questions we are available to you on our Whatsapp or in email info@tizirisurfmaroc.com
You don’t have to worry, we will definitely reply to you as soon as possible.

Now it’s time to look for a cheap plane ticket, arrange a vacation at your job, and contact us to book an unforgettable surf vacation with Tiziri Surf Maroc!

Here is also the link to our packages (our most popular is 7 days All-Inclusive Package)!

You can also choose only accommodation with us or only surf lessons/surf guiding.

It is your choice!

Our packages doesn’t suit you? Contact us, and we can plan your vacation by your desires! This way you can make the most of your holiday with us!

We would be really happy to finally welcome you to our surf house!

Surfing in Morocco Taghazout Tamraght Agadir is allowed again

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