Tamraght Guide – What to do in Tamraght

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Our surf house is perfectly located in the charming Berber village Tamraght. Tamraght is a rising tourist spot with some of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco and has lots of exciting activity options to offer. There’s something for everyone, no matter if you are traveling solo, with your friends or family. Here are a few options on what you can do in Tamraght to make your vacation unforgettable. 



The gorgeous beaches offer some of the best surf spots not only in Morocco but in the whole of Africa. Devil’s rock, Crocro and Banana beach are all directly accessible from Tamraght and insider tips from locals. Both beginners and experienced surfers get to enjoy perfect waves. If you don’t feel like surfing, they’re also ideal spots to rent a bodyboard or try stand up paddling or stand up paddle yoga. For the very brave ones there are even rocks from which you can jump into the water. It is very important that you only do that during high-tide and that you ask a local to show you where it is safe enough to jump. The Tiziri Surf team is always happy to accompany you and make sure you’re safe.

Tamraght guide - What to do in Tamraght beach activities

Besides enjoying the sun, tanning, drinking orange juice and moroccan tea, watching professional surfers and breathtaking sunsets, there are some more unique activities at the beach in Tamraght. How about horse riding? Yes, you read that right. Galloping into the sunset along the beach is just as dreamlike as you imagine it to be. What’s so special about Morocco though is that you can not only go horse riding but also camel riding and you can even rent a quad if you want a bigger adrenaline rush.


Tamraght is located on a hill that is very nice to hike on and has a stunning view of the village and the ocean. You can also take a 45-minute walk to the nearby tourist village Taghazout or into the direction of Agadir to Aourir, the so-called ‘Banana village’. On Wednesdays, there’s a big souk in Aourir where you can not only buy local fruit and vegetables, spices, nuts, olives but also technical goods and thrift clothes.

Beach closed Tamraght Morocc


For all the golf fans here is a new golf course overlooking the sea that only uses environmentally friendly products and has a wide range of facilities. If your body needs a break after all those fun activities, there are 3 spas in Tamraght that offer therapeutic massages and other tempting spa options. They also have hammams which are traditional steam baths that are part of many Moroccan’s daily lives.

After that, you will certainly be ready for a delicious dinner in one of Tamraght’s lovely restaurants, about which you can read in our next blogpost.

Stay tuned!

Tamraght guide - What to do in Tamraght beach activities

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