What does Morocco look like during Covid-19?

Morocco during Covid-19

Wondering what Morocco looks like during the Covid-19 pandemic? Then keep reading.

Summer is coming to an end. Domestic tourists are also leaving with summer. School starts, beaches are emptied. During the summer, the beaches were quite full, as the vast majority of beaches in the north of the country were closed, due to the virus, and many locals traveled to our area for a well-deserved annual vacation. Nothing different from previous years right? Well, it’s different. Now domestic tourists should be replaced by foreign tourists, as the main surfing season in our area begins. But as it turns out, the start of our main season will be postponed indefinitely.

Morocco during Covid-19

According to various media reports, Morocco has suffered enormous damage in tourism due to its closed borders. However, the Taghazout Bay area, according to media reports, suffered the least damage. Do you think this is really the case? There are a lot of surf camps in Tamraght and Taghazout, which are supported exclusively by foreign tourists, including us. We had no income from domestic tourists. Maybe some of the facilities were really occupied, but the vast majority of domestic tourists do not use surfing, so a comparison with previous seasons is impossible.

Morocco during Covid-19

Tamraght is pretty empty compared to last year. Foreigners, temporarily living in Morocco, have returned to their home countries, there are no tourists. In principle, there are also some tourist workers from other parts of the country in the village, who have also returned to their home places due to the pandemic. There are only a handful of foreigners left, who are hoping day by day that the borders will be opened soon or that some opportunity for minimal earnings will open up for them.

There are many of you who would like to come and surf with us, but we have no answer for you whether your vacation will be possible or not. We do not have any information from the authorities about opening borders and restarting tourism. As we tell everyone, our camp, Tiziri Surf Morocco, will start operating on the first day of open borders, as we are already looking forward to seeing you and miss you!

Morocco during Covid-19

Now is the time for us to do something for you and provide you with an even better and more comfortable stay with us. In the meantime, we will definitely take advantage of empty line ups and enjoy surfing and other activities for which we usually run out of time. At the same time, we will keep posting and sharing, which will make you want to come back to us as soon as possible!

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