Surfing in Morocco is allowed!

Surfing in Morocco Taghazout Tamraght Agadir is allowed again

After a long time of closed beaches and forbidden surfing in the Agadir region, surfing in Morocco is allowed again. In Agadir, Tamraght and Taghazout area surfing is allowed!

Surfing in Morocco is allowed again
Surfing in Morocco is allowed again

The measures taken to stop spreading the new coronavirus have made our way of life, as we knew it a year ago, very difficult and different. In a way, we have all come to terms with the measures, but we are slowly getting enough of them. We want a carefree life, meetings with friends, socializing over coffee or lunch and, of course, trips that bring us new experiences and help us to escape from our daily routine.

Like all countries in the world, Morocco has certain measures in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.
One of the measures was also to close the beaches and ban surfing.
But here we want to present you with the GOOD news!


It is true, that Morocco cut off air connections with most European countries, on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 (the measure is expected to last 14 days), but if you come from a country where you are allowed to travel and if you are desperate in need of a surf vacation, we are here for you!
Our surf house, located in Tamraght, is open and welcomes guests! A surf school is also open if you only want to sign up for a surf lesson!
We also believe that air connections with most European countries will be re-established soon!
If you need any information about air connections, conditions for entering Morocco, etc. write us a message on social media or send an email to our address:
Tiziri Surf Morocco is waiting for you!
Surfing in Morocco is allowed again
Surfing in Morocco is allowed again

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