Tamraght Background

Taghazout Bay view

Have you ever explored the Tamraght area? Okay, let’s clear it up. Everyone knows that Tamraght is a surfing village, but that behind this pleasant surfing village hides a hill with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and Taghazout bay, which is less known to everyone. Certainly, everyone who lives in the village notices the hill behind the village, but very few of them decide to climb it. Of course, this is perfectly understandable. Who would want to explore a nearby hill after a full day of surfing?

Tamraght hiking

Let us introduce it to you, as we have got to know it a lot in the last few weeks, as it offered us daily recreation.


The trail and the hike are not demanding. It takes only about 15 minutes of walk to the beautiful view of the entire bay.

Of course, you can walk further, to the very top, where you will also have a view of the village on the other side of the hill.

Tamraght hill village
Tamraght hill village

If you are lucky or unlucky, depends on you, you will also be able to meet some wild animals on your short hike.

Hiking wild animals
Goat on the tree

You may also come across camels or goats. 


The hill offers you many natural caves where you can hide from the wind (if you have the misfortune to choose a windy day), but if you choose to hike with a local, I am sure he will also light a fire and prepare a real Moroccan tea.

Moroccan tea

We definitely recommend that you persevere and wait for the sunset. With a little luck, you will get the perfect sunset, which you will think about, long after returning to your home country.

Did we convince you? Tamraght is really worth a visit!

However, when the world breathes again and comes to life again, you are more than welcome to learn how to surf and go for a hike with us. We are waiting for you here in Morocco!

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