Top 5 songs to listen to before surfing

We’ve made our selection of the top 5 songs we love to listen to on our way to go surfing.
At Tiziri Surf Maroc we have a “morning routine” that is riding our van to the beach with music and usually windows open.  Open windows allow fresh air to enter the van, move dried hair and wake us up completely.
This routine is not just energized but somehow is the first step to wake up our body and our mind to prepare ourselves to the waves and to the ocean.
Try to listen to the songs we had chosen!
I’m pretty sure you will love them and you will feel you have to spend a day, or a week, of surfing with us at Tiziri Surf Maroc. Or of course in your home spot, if you are that lucky to live next to the ocean.
Here is our selection:

1. Hot Ice feat The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Wave Teng

2. Jack Johnson – Seasick Dream

3. Alpha Blondy – Brigadier Sabari

4. Dj Aymoune Feat French Montana – Tu Say Deja

5. Xavier Rudd – Follow The Sun

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Tiziri Surf Maroc team

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