What to do at home?


The vast majority of us are now quarantined, with no work commitments. How many days have you been quarantined? Are you out of ideas and motivation? For you, we have provided some tips on how to deal with this difficult time and what to do when we are bored.

So what can we do all day so we won’t get crazy?


Don’t forget to workout! Stay in good shape. Find a workout on Youtube, Instagram… and do it!
Many trainers do live workouts and share them with you through social networks, join them.
Do you always want to try yoga? You have enough time now! Perform yoga, calm down your thoughts and awake your body.
Even on days when you are really lazy and you just want to stay in bed and watch movies, try your best and do a quick workout. You will feel better!

tiziri surf and yoga


Is there a movie or series on your list that you really want to see? Now is the perfect opportunity! Without a bad conscience, lie down on the couch and roll up your favorite movie or series. And even if you stay in the same position all day it doesn’t matter, such days are fine too!



Now that we have more than enough time, this is a great opportunity for you to learn how to cook. Now is a real chance not to eat fast food and restaurant food. Go to the kitchen and start creating. Homemade meals are definitely healthier than food delivery and you want to stay healthy these days.


Dreaming of traveling? Want to explore the world? We are allowed to dream and plan. Even if we are unable to travel now and it is pointless to buy an airplane ticket at this time, we can still dream and plan. Go to the internet, explore your favorite destination, make a plan for what you would like to look, do, see … Soon this will be over and you will have the opportunity to book your flight ticket and go to your desired destination.


Do you have dust on a book you want to read for a long time? Take it in your hands and read it! When, if not now?


Let’s stay positive. Even though we should not hang out with friends, go for a coffee in a pub or go to a restaurant for dinner, we must remain positive. It will all be over soon and we will have the opportunity to make up for everything we have missed. Remember that we are all in the same situation and that we are all in this situation. Just like you are quarantined, so is your friend and someone you know from another country. So we all deal with this problem so don’t be angry and sad because you have to stay home.


Be crazy! Do you like climbing, skiing,…? Captures funny videos while performing these activities at home, in the apartment. You will have fun while doing it, as well as all your friends watching it if you will share it with them. You can share it with us too! Post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in the post! Who dares?

Despite all the activities we can do at home, I believe that the day will come when you will be angry with everything and everyone. That’s normal. We all deal with this and there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure that there will be more positive days than sad and negative ones.

Together we can do it!

However, when the world breathes again and comes to life again, you are more than welcome to learn how to surf with us or make progress on your surfing skills. We are waiting for you here in Morocco!

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Stay safe and healthy!
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