Why you should choose Morocco for surfing?

Morocco boasts warm waters and powerful waves, and is just a short flight away from most European cities. This makes Morocco one of the top surf destinations in the northern hemisphere. Morocco is simultaneously wildly exotic and reassuringly familiar. Its beaches have been a winter mainstay on the European surf circuit since the late 50’s.

Choosing us will give you access to a wide variety of waves that are appropriate for any level of experience. Warm waters and sunny winters as well as delicious Moroccan cuisine, a rich cultural haritage combined with incredible nature, and to top it all off, also accommodation suitable for any budget.

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When shoud you visit Morocco?

The main season in Morocco lasts from late September up until April, but you can find great waves to enjoy all year round. Therefore, we will be happy to welcome you during any time of the year.

Get more information about the weather conditions, this will show you the best moments to surf in Tamraght with all the spots available on the area!

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Years of experience

Over the years, we have had the privilege of meeting, teaching, learning from, and just experiencing life with some truly outstanding people. Our guests are a constant source of inspiration and motivation for us. We are truly thankful to each and every one of our guests, as they give us the drive to always stay at the cutting edge of what we do. We aspire to become the best, most approachable and most resourceful surf school here in Marocco. To that end, we heartily invite you to share in this amazing experience with us.

The Taghazout region is the most popular surfing area of Morocco. The best surf spots, just a short distance from Tiziri Surf Maroc are:

1. Imsouane: The longest wave in Africa. A dream come true for beginners and intermediate surfers alike.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate

2. La Source: A performance wave. Can be pretty challenging, but suitable for intermediate surfers.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced

3. Anchor Point: The most famous spot in Morocco, this powerful right hand point break can reach up to five meters (16 feet), with big take offs, quick waves and rolling barrels.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced

4. Panorama Point: Is a long sweeping right hander, easier than Anchor point, but the current can be tricky to paddle against.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate

5. Crocodiles: A long sandy stretch of beach with pretty consistent right and left hand waves, which make it a great spot for developing one’s surf skills.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate

6. Devil’s Rock: A reasonably exposed sandy beach with both right and left hand waves (although mostly right handers)
Level: Beginner – Intermediate

7. Banana Beach: A relatively easy-to-master surf spot, often frequented by beginners, known for its laid back vibe.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate

8. Anza: This is a fairly exposed beach break with pretty consistent surf. The best breaks are mainly right handers. Anza isn’t likely to be crowded, even in great surfing conditions.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate

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