Beaches closed again

Beach closed Tamraght Morocc

Guess what? They closed our beaches again. Yes, you read that correctly. The new rules in Morocco have been in force since 23 November and are expected to last for the next 15 days.

How do we feel about that?

We feel very sad as we are again prevented from working and surfing. Beaches are closed for swimming, surfing, sunbathing…

We understand all the government’s measures and we want to respect them because we also want to stop the spread of the virus. But what annoys us is that the shops and especially the souks are still open. The places where a huge number of people gather, still remain open, albeit with a reduced working day.

The beaches, which are practically empty, are closing. In the last few months, we have not noticed an increase in the number of people on the beach (only on sunny and beautiful weekends). Surfers already keep their distance anyway. Both, in the water and on the beach. There is always a group of people from one surf camp with their own umbrella away from groups of others. Anyway this is not a problem now, as there are still very few tourists here.

A few days ago, the beach between Tamraght and Taghazout was empty, in two hours we met only a handful of people (three or four).

So what’s the point of closing the beaches? Who knows.

But hey, let’s don’t be all grumpy, let’s stay positive!

We still have all the other activities left that will shorten our time in the next few days. Hopefully, the action will really take only the next 15 days, and that we will be able to work again in December!

See you in December?

Until then, follow our Instagram on how and with what we will keep ourselves busy.

Together we can do it!

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