Tamraght Food Guide – Coffeeshops & Restaurants in Tamraght

We’ve already covered lots of exciting activities to try when you come to Tamraght in our last blogpost. If you missed it, make sure to check it out here. Tamraght might be a very small village but it has a wide variety of restaurant options with many cuisines from all around the world. We’ll introduce some of our favorite restaurants in Tamraght to you but these are not all of them. There are quite a few other alternatives as well, including a sushi restaurant and a roasted chicken diner. Tamraght’s restaurants leave nothing to be desired.


Tamraght Guide - Coffeeshops & Restaurants in Tamraght

 1. Let’s Be Healing Food

The famous restaurant Let’s Be really lives up to its name. Now who says that healthy food can’t be delicious? Their beautifully plated dishes never disappoint and every bite is a surprise. The all day breakfast options range from smoothie bowls, to granola, chia pudding and mashed avocado toast. They also have burgers, tacos and bowls that are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Vegans and non vegans both get their money’s worth. There’s a special calm and relaxing atmosphere that you can’t feel anywhere else.

Tamraght Guide - Coffeeshops & Restaurants in Tamraght

 2.  Babakoul

Babakoul is probably the most loved restaurant in Tamraght, by the locals. They make the best coffee in town, have heavenly banana cake, moroccan crepes, waffles, omelettes, pizza and more. They also have a small shop with ceramics, bags, clothes, jewelry and other pretty items that are worth having a peek at. Babakoul is the go-to place if you want to eat or have a drink in a positive environment, meet locals or work with high-speed internet.

Tamraght Guide - Coffeeshops & Restaurants in Tamraght
Tamraght Guide - Coffeeshops & Restaurants in Tamraght

3. Ajikol Pizza

Ajikol Pizza is definitely the best pizza place in town, they’re especially loved for their calzone. They also serve pasta, burgers, tacos and salads. The best part is that they deliver right to your house door. So next time you get home late and you’re too tired to cook but you don’t want to go out anymore either, Ajikol Pizza is here for you. 

4. Adam’s Café

Adam’s café is a lovely café/restaurant with many international dishes and all-day breakfast options. Our personal insider tip is their succulent avocado toast (they have different varieties for everyone). The friendly staff at Adam’s café alone makes this place worth the visit.

Tamraght Guide - Coffeeshops & Restaurants in Tamraght

5. La Panière 

La Panière is the only bakery in town but there is absolutely no need for another one because la Panière can satisfy anyone’s taste buds. They have delicious pastries, bread and drinks. Their café has a nice terrace and is a popular place to have breakfast at. 

6. Chez Brahim

If you’re surfing, swimming or chilling at Devil’s Rock and you need to restore your strength, Chez Brahim is the place to go. It’s situated directly at the beach and you can get good coffee, juices or other beverages. They also serve lunch and dinner with their speciality being fish and meat dishes.

Tamraght Guide - Coffeeshops & Restaurants in Tamraght

7. Le Navire

Le Navire has by far the best view overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The restaurant is situated right at the top of the cliffs and it has a big terrace where you can watch the waves hitting the shore. Their menu consists mainly of different versions of moroccan crepes, called msmen with both sweet and savoury options.

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